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19 December 1999 @ 05:05 pm
Snow in the Chilterns  
My walk went from Lacey Green northwards to Lilly Bottom Lane and back again. Lacey Green is accessible from the A4010 between High Wycombe and Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. OS Explorer 172.

Afterwards I went to a pottery in Speen. It in the last house on a single track dirt road in a beautiful little valley. It's marked on the OS map.

Place: Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire, England
Weather: It had snowed an inch or two during the night. It was the first snow this winter. The temperature was just below 0C in the shade and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky.
Date: December 19, 1999

Wintry Bush
Just before I took this picture I met a man with his little daughter using the lane as a bobsleigh track. The sun was setting so they had to head home soon after.

Most of the time my pictures are a way of pointing out the beautiful, intriguing or magical. This one was different. The furry hedge to the left infringes on the pure white snow and casts long shadows. The obviously artificial pylons are graceful from this distance but then there is the barbed wire in the foreground. I'm not sure why I'm including this picture here or even why I took it but I think it has a place among all the beauty.

Door to Summer
This image was taken by a farmhouse near Lilly Bottom Lane. I thought the way the roots formed a hole in the hedge tree was intriguing. I'm sure that if you crept through it you wouldn't end up on the other side of the hedge but somewhere completely different.

What can I say? Crevices intrigue me. Can you imagine exploring this one? Resting the heal of your hand against the cool, grainy snow? Gingerly inserting your fingers, one after the other? What moist treasures could you find inside?

Okay, so it's a cliché but it's not often we get this particular cliché in the Chilterns. So sue me. This is the view back towards Lacey Green on the footpath between Lacey Green and Lilly Bottom. The brown stuff under the snow is, of course, beech leaves. That's something we get plenty of in the Chilterns.

Winter Path
I guess this is a case in point: I do like images that show the beautiful and magical on my walks. The way the evergreen holly tree leans drunkenly over the path and the bright sunshine beyond make this picture special.

Far Out
After the walk and the pottery visit, I went to a pub for dinner. This was the carpet in the ladies' room. Far out!