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03 January 2010 @ 12:00 pm
A Sunny Winter's Day  
Place: Rancho Cañada del Oro
Date: January 3, 2010
Weather: Clear and sunny but chilly in the shade.
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Milk maids, Cardamine californica, is one of the first wildflowers to come into bloom. It likes shady woodlands.

The valleys is bathed in sunshine. Compare this to the recent rain day photo.

The view back through the gate.

Oak Trail
Forward and upwards, into the oak woodland.

Distant Peak
Distant peak between oaks.

Getting up on the ridge, the view is clearer.

Higher up still, the oaks grow further apart and reach majestic proportions.

Another solitary oak. This one has a grand vista behind it. It's my favorite photo from today's hike.