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25 February 2008 @ 12:00 pm
House and Garden  
Places: Palo Alto -- Elizabeth Gamble Gardens and Stanford University
Dates: February 25, 2008
Weather: Bright and chilly out of the sun.
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Pineapple Fountain
Coming from the car park, the first thing that greets the visitor at the Elizabeth Gamble Garden, is this artichoke fountain. Elizabeth Gamble was married to one of the original founders of Procter & Gamble, James Gamble. He was a soapmaker from Ireland.

A demure, mauve primula enjoys the cool shade near a fern.

Hidden away between their strap-shaped leaves, I found some colorful orchid flowers.

Symmetrical Rosette
I have no idea what plant this fuzzy rosette of leaves belongs to. Please comment if you know.

iolanthe_rosa says that this is an echium, probably E. wildpretii, 'Tower of Jewels'.

Aloe Flowers
These red aloe flowers were hard to miss.

Topiary Bunny
Next to the office, a topiary bunny was giggling in green.

Yellow Flowers
Another mystery flower. Loving the in-your-face yellow.
Update: EBMUD to the rescue -- it's Bulbinella floribunda.

Centrally located in the flat garden, a gazebo commands attention.

Garden Cat
A ginger tom was enjoying the sunshine and gravel.

Stanford Bell Tower
Later in the day, I visited Stanford University. This is the Hoover Tower, named after Herbert Hoover. He founded a research center before he became US president.

Stanford Chapel
The Romanesque Stanford Memorial Church commemorates Leland Stanford, the founder of the university. It's non-denominational, trying to serve the spiritual needs of all Stanford students. It was inaugurated in 1903, so it's quite an old building by California standards. The somewhat gaudy mosaic on the facade was designed by the Italian Maurizio Camerino. There is a substantial article on Wikipedia about the church.

Stanford Arches
Finally, arches leading into an adjacent quad, off the Main Quad.