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17 January 2010 @ 12:00 pm
Rain Day Drive  
Place: Hwy 130 over Mount Hamilton, then Mines Road to Livermore
Date: January 17, 2010
Weather: Rainy and foggy
Click through for large versions (1400 X 933 pixels) to use as desktop wallpaper.

Panorama I
This panorama was taken from above Joseph D. Grant County Park. It's a grand view from here. But if you look closely, you'll notice that something is missing. Comment if you've figured out what it is.

San Antonio Valley
I stopped at Lick Observatory on the summit but it was so foggy that none of my photos came out. But as soon as I started descending on the other side, the fog cleared. This is perhaps 5 minutes past the peak, near Sky Ranch.

Panorama II
I liked the view so much, I shot a panorama from the same spot. You can see why they called it Sky Ranch, can't you?

Bridge over Said Creek
At the bottom of the first valley, there was a creek. I presume that it's San Antonio Creek but I could be wrong.

San Antonio Creek, Presumably
This is looking north from the bridge that crosses it. As you can see, the sun was trying to break through.

Same Creek, Different Direction
Here we're looking south from the bridge. The flora on this side of the mountain is rather different from the other side. Pine trees and chaparral attest to lower precipitation levels.

You can see far from here
Higher up again, we are treated to a grand view of the Diablo Range to the north.

Homestead off San Anthonio Valley Road
Looking down into the same valley, there's a homestead. I never knew that you could be this close to the Bay Area and still be this isolated. It's at least an hours drive to anywhere from here. Besides, Hwy 130 is regularly closed because of snow in winter.

That was the last photo. After this it got too dark and started to rain again. But now I know how beautiful the valleys on the other side of Mount Hamilton are. I'll be back in wildflower season.