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19 January 2009 @ 12:00 pm
Lofty Views from Bald Peaks  
Place: Rancho Cañada del Oro
Date: January 19, 2009
Weather: Sunny and clear.
Click through for large versions (1400 X 933 pixels) to use as desktop wallpaper.

Woodland Trail
Looking back down on the trail between the trees on the Serpentine Loop Trail. It was rather hot and the trail is steep, so I stopped quite a lot going up.

Running up that Hill
A lone oak stands guard by the trail.

I liked the pattern on the oak bark.

Panorama I

This panorama was taken on the way up on Serpentine Loop Trail.

Panorama II

Panorama from the junction of Bald Peaks Trail and Serpentine Loop Trail. The views in all directions are magnificent.

Lick Observatory
Through the fence. In the large version of this photo, you can see the white domes of Lick Observatory on top of Mount Hamilton.

In the far distance, the tower atop Mount Umumhum is visible. The fence gives the picture a strong sense of depth.

Distant Peaks
I enjoyed the clear skies. The long ridge in the distance is the Diablo Range, on the other side of Hwy 101.

Peaks from Bald Peaks Trail
This photo is very similar to the one above. But this one was taken from further west. The wooded ridge on the left, is seen in the foreground of the previous photo.

Looking back along Bald Peaks
Looking back into Calero along the Bald Peaks Trail.

Panorama III

This short panorama was taken at the junction of Bald Peaks and Catamount.

Catamount Fence
On the way down, I found this picturesque fence.

Funnel Web
Funnel webs made by spiders. I had never seen this type of web before I moved to California.