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14 March 2009 @ 12:00 pm
Nine Crossings  
Place: Hunting Hollow, Henry Coe State Park
Date: March 14, 2009
Weather: It was mostly cloudy and never got really warm.
Click through for large versions (1400 X 933 pixels) to use as desktop wallpaper.

I started at the Hunting Hollow car park, near Gilroy. In the car park I noticed that most of the cars were trucks. Clearly this place is popular with mountain bikers. I soon realised why this was: there were 8 creek crossings in the first mile. No bridges, all fords. Not my favourite way of spending half an hour and probably not many other hikers' either, judging from how few I met. The rest of the hike was strenous -- steep up hill and down.

I took Hunting Hollow Road to the non-existent windmill. There I turned up on Middle Steer Ridge Trail. At Steer Ridge Road I turned left. This part was very high up and mostly level. The views were fantastic. Then I took the equally steep Steer Ridge Trail back down to the car park and the final creek crossing.

Fuchsia-Flowered Currant (Desktop)
Fuchsia-flowered currant, Ribes speciosa, grew near a stream. It's easy to tell where both the fuchsia-flowered part and the currant part of the name come from.

Shooting Stars (Desktop)
Undoubtedly a shooting star, Dodecatheon species. Not sure which, though. They formed large stands on the bank of a creek.

Oaks, Leafing Out (Desktop)
The decidous oaks were leafing out.

Flowering Oak (Desktop)
A single oak with both new leaves and flowers.

Oak Flowers (Desktop)
Oak flowers

Henry Coe 360 panorama
360 panorama from near the intersection of Middle Steer Ridge Trail and Steer Road. This is at about 2500' elevation so you can see pretty far. The oak on the left and right is the same tree.

Another Panorama
I shot this panorama on the way down. The path not taken is the one to the right of the oak. I liked the watering hole in the middle.