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01 March 2008 @ 12:00 pm
Green Springtime Walk  
Place: Maguire Peaks part of Sunol Regional Wilderness
Date: March 1, 2008
Weather: Mostly sunny spring weather
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Almond Flowers
In the valleys there are reminders of the valley's agricultural past. Like these almond trees.

Green Lane
The green lane is lit by tentative spring light.

Looking up at one of the Maguire Peaks. 

California Buttercups
March is early in the wildflower season but the California buttercups were out. 

It's San Antonio Reservoir that you can see in the distance. 

Scarlet Flower
Indian Paintbrush is startlingly scarlet at this time of year.

Trail Down
The trail back down.

Yellow Flower
Obviously a Compositeae but other than that I'm stumped. Comment if you know the name.

They were growing at the top of the hills right by a rock, so I'm thinking the Alpine section of the flora would be a good starting point.

Distant Peaks
It was getting late and the shadows were lengthening.

Back Among the Trees
Back among the trees again, on my way back to the car.